A Holon’s Topology, Morphology, and Dynamics



This is the second video of a large series and the very first video in a mini-series about holons.

In this series I will be building the vocabulary of holons which in turn will be used in my knowledge representations.
The video following this one will go into greater detail describing what you see here and will be adding more to the vocabulary.

Seeing the holon via a holor from the outside: This video portrays the application of a holor being used as a ‘signature’ for entities such as morphemes, syllables, words, grammar, clauses, sentences, monikers, images, books, concepts, corpuses,…

They are particularly useful (video) when using them as a model/means to categorise, collate, store, manipulate, compare, and cross-reference hyper-complex Fourier Transforms inside a database for the purposes of knowledge representation.

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