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  • Xfce’s Apps Update for November 2022: Xfce 4.18 Preview, Plugin Updates, and More 2022-12-02
    The November 2022 issue of my exclusive “Xfce’s Apps Update” monthly roundup is here with news about the latest releases of your favorite Xfce applications, plugins, tools, and more.
    Marius Nestor
  • Pulse Joins the Mozilla Family to Help Develop a New Approach to Machine Learning 2022-12-02
    I’m proud to announce that we have acquired Pulse, an incredible team that has developed some truly novel machine learning approaches to help streamline the digital workplace. The products that Raj, Jag, Rolf, and team have built are a great demonstration of their creativity and skill, and we’re incredibly excited to bring their expertise into […]
    Steve Teixeira
  • 5 reasons I use the Dolphin file manager on Linux 2022-12-01
    Computers are basically fancy file cabinets... for many of us, as the primary way we interact with data on our personal computers, which makes humble file manager software some of the most important applications you use.
    Seth Kenlon
  • How to Install VSCodium on Ubuntu 22.10/22.04/20.04 2022-12-01
    VSCodium is a code editor based on the open-source version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VSCode). Here is how to install VSCodium on Ubuntu Linux.
    Joshua James
  • NixOS 22.11 “Raccoon” Released with GNOME 43, KDE Plasma 5.26, and OpenSSL 3 2022-12-01
    NixOS, a Linux distribution and a set of packages usable on other Linux systems and macOS, has been updated today to version 22.11, a release that comes with new features and improvements.
    Marius Nestor
  • Intangible gift ideas with open source in mind 2022-12-01
    When the holidays roll around each year, you'll encounter some wonderful gift-giving guides for physical gifts. But how about intangible gifts? Some of the most meaningful gifts are intangible ones. Let me plant some ideas in your head in that regard, and explain how intangible gifts fit in perfectly with the open source way.
    Phil Shapiro
  • Exodia OS: Emerging BSPWM-based Arch Linux for Pentesters 2022-12-01
    An initial review of Arch Linux-based Exodia OS, which comes with the lightweight BSPWM window manager, aims for pen-testers.
  • Plasma Mobile Gear 22.11 Is Out for Linux Phones and Tablets with Many Improvements 2022-12-01
    The KDE Project released today Plasma Mobile Gear 22.11 as the last update to this software suite for its Plasma Mobile UI for mobile devices before it’s merged with the KDE Gear software suite.
    Marius Nestor
  • Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to SAS Enterprise BI Server 2022-12-01
    SAS Enterprise BI Server provides a solid basis for vendor consolidation and BI standardization, enabling IT to focus on more effectively aligning with the business. The software also delivers user autonomy within a well defined IT governance framework.
    Steve Emms
  • ClamAV Reached v1.0.0, Bringing Functionalities Improvements 2022-12-01
    ClamAV is the most popular free and open-source antivirus software. With the ClamAV 1.0.0 LTS release, developers move the Dockerfile and related scripts from the main repository to a new one.
    Bobby Borisov
  • openSUSE makes baseline CPU requirements a little friendlier than feared 2022-12-01
    Tumbleweed rolling-release distro to need v2 of x86-64 – and drop x86-32 edition. The future direction of openSUSE distros is firming up and has ramifications for its business-focused offspring SLE and Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP).…
    Liam Proven
  • Celebrating Pocket's Best of 2022 2022-12-01
    The year’s most intriguing ideas and memorable essays, plus the top stories in science, technology, sports, culture, long reads, and more.The post Celebrating Pocket’s Best of 2022 appeared first on The Mozilla Blog.
    Carolyn O'Hara
  • Is sustainability still a thing in open source? 2022-12-01
    Eugen Rochko just reported that the social service Mastodon had "hit 1,028,362 monthly active users […] 1,124 new Mastodon servers since Oct 27 and 489,003 new users". Known mainly by open source developers, Mastodon has suddenly become mainstream, promising to take inclusive, open, and free values to social media.
    Alberto Corsín Jiménez, Daniel Curto-Millet, Maha Shaikh
  • Linux Foundation Newsletter: November 2022 2022-11-30
    This month, we've got great news to share across the Linux Foundation. Here’s a roundup of must-read updates, including the release of Sylva, LF Europe’s first project, a new report from LF Research, community updates, Cyber Monday deals from LF Training & Certification, and so much more. We've also got a preview of what’s coming […]
  • Proxmox Backup Server 2.3 Brings Essential Enhancements 2022-11-30
    Proxmox Backup Server is a free, open-source enterprise backup solution to back up and restore virtual machines, containers, and physical hosts following the client-server model. The new release is based on Debian 11.5 and adds namespace-aware prune jobs and offline mirroring capabilities.
    Bobby Borisov
  • Get to know Lua for loops in 4 minutes 2022-11-30
    Different languages provide different controls, and in Lua, there's the while loop, for loop, and repeat until loop. This article covers for loops. I will cover while and repeat until loops in a separate article...
    Seth Kenlon
  • How to make an automatic dog feeder with Arduino and Linux 2022-11-30
    Try this DIY project to learn (or teach your family) to write code that interfaces with real hardware.
    Jose Vicente Nunez
  • Build test scripts for your IoT platform 2022-11-30
    This article shows you how to build test scripts for complex test scenarios.The user interface displays a...
    Chongyuan Yin
  • How to Install RabbitMQ Cluster on Ubuntu 22.04 2022-11-30
    RabbitMQ is a free and open-source message broker. In this tutorial, we will install and set up the RabbitMQ server between multiple Ubuntu 22.04 machines. You'll also learn how to set up an administrator user for RabbitMQ and set up classic queue mirroring via the HA policy.
  • Install Virtual Box 7 on Fedora 37 Server via rpmfusion repository 2022-11-30
    To make system ready for VitualBox 7 setup via rpmfusion repos,install the Linux kernel "header" files matching the current kernel for adding new hardware support to the system. The distribution packages containing the headers is probably: kernel-devel-6.0.9-300.fc37. Kernel packages installation has been done as follows.
    Boris Derzhavets