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  • Self-sacrifice expressions in Persian 2022-05-16
    Abstract In spite of its prevalence in Iranian Persian-speaking communities, the issue of self-sacrifice expressions as a culture-specific verbal behavior has remained almost ignored in the existing literature on speech acts. The current study is an enquiry into the use of self-sacrifice expressions by Iranian Persian speakers in performing different speech acts such as thanking, […]
  • Doing penance as a nexus of practice 2022-05-16
    Abstract Funeral and mourning rites capture so many aspects of the Iranian traditional and religious rituals and provide members of society with cultural tools of lamenting the dead. The study presents socio-cultural considerations in connection with social space and action, linguistic interactions, and semiotic resources of rituals used in mourning ceremonies for Shiite Muslims in […]
  • Commentary 2022-05-16
  • Sojourner experiences and spatial repertoires 2022-05-16
    Abstract Research on translingual repertoires has highlighted the diverse semiotic resources that individuals access in communication, but little research has considered how spatial factors permit or limit access to these resources. Furthermore, as translingual studies have predominantly focused on interactional analysis, there is a paucity of studies on how social networks shape the repertoires of […]
  • The sound of absent-presence 2022-05-16
    Abstract This article engages with the theme of the proposed special issue in a perhaps unexpected way: for me, the ‘translinguistic movement’ is a pertinent reminder to move beyond the boundaries of language and other visible/audible modalities that are involved in semiosis. It also encourages us to move beyond the naïve empiricism that has shaped […]
  • The get-passive in Tyneside English 2022-05-16
    Abstract This paper provides a quantitative variationist analysis of the distribution of get- versus be-passives in spoken Tyneside English. Taking data from the Diachronic Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English (1960s to 2010), the paper uses mixed-effects modelling to examine a wide range of possible constraints on the distribution of get versus be, some of which […]
  • Is Malayo-Polynesian a primary branch of Austronesian? 2022-05-16
    Abstract An understudied morphosyntactic innovation, reanalysis of the Proto-Austronesian (PAn) stative intransitive prefix *ma- as a transitive affix, offers new insights into Austronesian higher-order subgrouping. Malayo-Polynesian is currently considered a primary branch of Austronesian, with no identifiably closer relationship with any linguistic subgroup in the homeland ( Blust 1999 , 2009/2013 ; Ross 2005 ). […]
  • Sound–Emotion Interaction in Poetry 2022-05-15
    This book is a collection of studies providing a unique view on two central aspects of poetry: sounds and emotive qualities, with emphasis on their interactions. The book addresses various theoretical and methodological issues related to topics like sound symbolism, poetic prosody, and voice quality in recited poetry. The authors examine how these sound-related phenomena […]
  • The Evolution of Pronunciation Teaching and Research 2022-05-15
    Inspired by Murray Munro and Tracey Derwing’s 1995 seminal study of intelligibility, comprehensibility, and accentedness, this book revisits the insights of their original research and presents subsequent studies extending this work to new ways of understanding second language speech. By rejecting the nativeness approach upon which previous pronunciation research and teaching were built, Munro and […]
  • Discourse Particles 2022-05-15
    Discourse particles have often been treated as a phenomenon restricted to Germanic languages (Abraham 2020) and they still raise questions about their nature as an independent category. This book reveals that this phenomenon exists in other languages as well, and provides evidence for their nature as a separate category. The volume brings together a collection […]
  • How do Andalusian journalism students perceive Andalusian and Castilian linguistic varieties of Spanish? 2022-05-13
    Abstract The media is currently one of the main channels of opinion on the Andalusian variety of Spanish. They show the struggle between those who propagate the idea that it is just another Spanish dialect and those who disqualify Andalusian people because of their pronunciation. Additionally, there is a fluctuation between those communicators who maintain […]
  • Acquisition of non-sibilant anterior English fricatives by adult second language learners 2022-05-13
    Abstract This study examined the acquisition of the non-sibilant anterior fricatives /v, θ, ð/ by adult second language (L2) English talkers. Twenty-four Mandarin Chinese-L2 English talkers read aloud fricative-initial words. These talkers were chosen as their L1 contained /f/ but not /v, θ, ð/. Twenty L1 English listeners were asked to identify the L2-produced speech […]
  • Variation versus deviation 2022-05-12
    Abstract Naturalistic production research has reported that, unlike monolingual peers, children acquiring Spanish as a heritage language omit Differential Object Marking (DOM) with animate objects since the earliest stages of language development. However, the previous studies investigating longitudinal monolingual and bilingual corpora cannot be compared to each other given their different treatment of language-internal variation […]
  • Repérage automatisé de l’hyponymie dans des corpus spécialisés en français à l’aide de Sketch Engine 2022-05-12
    Abstract Hyponymy is an essential semantic relation in terminology, as it represents the hierarchical organization of concepts. Much has been written about hyponymy extraction. However, terminologists working with French do not currently have user-friendly and freely available tools to automatically extract hyper-hyponymic pairs from their own corpora. This paper presents the most recent version of […]
  • Beyond monolithic English 2022-05-11
    Abstract The Global Englishes Language Teaching (GELT) paradigm has recently emerged as a comprehensive approach that aims to bring together innovative pedagogical proposals. This paper argues that pop culture materials such as telecinematic representations can purposefully be integrated into innovative GELT-oriented classroom practices. The use of this material can assist teachers in the double task […]
  • Using music in a word stress processing task 2022-05-11
    Abstract Previous studies have reported that the use of music-related activities (e.g. hand-clapping or songs) can help learners to acquire foreign languages. It remains unclear, however, whether music-based approaches help every learner equally or whether it is more beneficial for learners with a musical background, such as musical practice, musical abilities, or engagement in musical […]
  • On question words in Czech Sign Language 2022-05-10
    Abstract This paper investigates content questions and the paradigm of question words in Czech Sign Language (český znakový jazyk – ČZJ). While this topic has been investigated for a fair number of other sign languages, a comprehensive study for ČZJ is still missing. Our aim is to fill this gap. In the absence of a representative […]
  • “¿Triste estás? I don’t know nan molla” 2022-05-10
    Abstract Fandubbing, or dubbing made by fans of any audiovisual product, is a linguistically and technologically sophisticated enterprise enacted by many devoted fans. This study presents the case of Miree, a 24-year-old fandubber with more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 300 multilingual fandubbed songs. Using a qualitative-interpretive approach, we conducted an […]
  • Actitudes de los mallorquines hacia el castellano y el andaluz 2022-05-10
    Abstracta Las evaluaciones sociales que hacen los individuos hacia las variedades lingüísticas son objeto de estudio de la sociolingüística desde hace tiempo y han ganado protagonismo en el siglo veintiuno. Esto es así porque de estas actitudes se deduce hacia dónde se encaminará la lengua en el futuro. En esta investigación se presentan los resultados […]
  • The persuasive potential of metaphor when framing Mexican migrants and migration 2022-05-10
    Abstract Research into the persuasive quality of metaphor has a long standing tradition, with the topic of migration embodying one of its pet discourse genres. Yet, only few studies have recognized the existence of identical metaphors occurring across the ideological divide. The present paper explores the way in which three US-based news outlets with broadly […]