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  • The Life Cycle of Adpositions 2021-07-15
    Adpositions are used, universally, to mark the roles of nominal participants in the verbal clause, most commonly indirect object roles. Practically all languages seem to have such markers, which begin their diachronic life as lexical words -- in this case either serial verbs or positional nouns. In many languages, however, adpositions also seem to have […]
  • Police Interviews 2021-07-15
    This collection breaks new ground in police communication research. It involves the first instance of the same dataset being analysed from different theoretical and methodological perspectives as well as providing original and detailed insights into both monolingual and bilingual UK police interviews and US police interrogations of suspects. The topics include the role of metacommunication […]
  • Review of Wierzbicka (2019): What Christians Believe: The Story of God and People in Minimal English 2021-06-25
  • Bilingualism and the declining brain 2021-06-24
  • Small stories in short interactions 2021-06-23
    Abstract The study investigates story-telling in naturally-occurring interactions in a care home for older people with dementia in England. Stories were told by a range of discourse participants and varied from more relationally-oriented anecdotes occurring as part of small talk to more transactionally-oriented narratives embedded into work routines. The main aim of the study was […]
  • How Saudi migrants’ metapragmatic judgments of Arabic L1 nonverbal greetings change after intense and prolonged exposure to English 2021-06-23
    Abstract This study investigates the impact of spending more than three years in an English environment on Saudi migrants’ metapragmatic judgments of Arabic L1 nonverbal greetings and their personality traits. Participants are 437 adults comprising three groups: Saudi L2 speakers of English in the UK, Saudis in Saudi Arabia, and British L1 speakers of English […]
  • A mural that helped to bring down Jeremy Corbyn 2021-06-18
    Abstract In the 2017 elections, the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn did much better than expected, in spite of being denounced by the established British media for its radical anti-capitalist agenda. To turn the tables, the media then shifted their attack from this political programme to Corbyn’s alleged blindness towards antisemitic manifestations. The resulting loss […]
  • The making of “deep language” in the Philippines 2021-06-18
    Abstract This analysis interrogates one of the most highly recognizable, but little understood metalinguistic descriptors of language in the contemporary Philippine linguistic scene: the concept of “deep language.” Here, “deep language” is explored as a complex, polysemous term generally used to describe homegrown conceptualizations of “pure” forms of Philippine-type languages and speakers. The contemporary understanding […]
  • Discourse (re)-framing 2021-06-18
    Abstract Focusing on the move from gakusei ‘student’ to shakaijin ‘working adult, lit. fully socialized adult’ during a period of continuing economic stagnation and social dislocation, the current study analyzes contemporary Japanese university students’ alignments with respect to ideologies surrounding adulthood including entering the job market and marriage. Data includes naturally occurring conversations with male […]
  • Editorial 2021-06-18
  • The politics of identity in diasporic media1 2021-06-18
    Abstract By following a sociolinguistic, ethnographic approach, this paper explores the intricacies behind the construction of a collective identity in the practices of a community radio station, off- and on-air, that serves the Spanish speaking Latin American community in London. The analysis of the information gathered from a 6-months ethnography conducted in a well-established radio […]
  • Linguists on the move in the global landscape? 2021-06-18
    Abstract This paper focuses on the sociolinguistic effects of tightening job markets in applied linguistics, and situates the discussion within the time-space compression of late modernist capitalist enterprises using frameworks in the sociolinguistics of mobility, political economy and raciolinguistics. The paper focuses on single-utterance speech acts of reservation conspicuously invoked to frame the discourse of […]
  • Okra in translation 2021-06-18
    Abstract This article explores the theme of food translation, based on research conducted in Italy in 2018 with a group of asylum seekers from different West African countries. It concentrates on a community gardening project revolving around the cultivation of okra: a vegetable that is a staple in many African cuisines, but not very popular […]
  • Editorial 2021-06-18
  • Introduction 2021-06-18
  • À propos de la grammaticalisation/constructionnalisation de la relative attributive en français 2021-06-16
    Abstract In this article, I revisit the origins of the attributive relative clause in French (in Je le vois qui vient), in order to advance the hypothesis that reanalysis preceding grammaticalization of this construction originates from a double ambiguity which is situated on two different planes of analysis: (1) on the plane of (non-)restriction of […]
  • Diaspora and Asian spaces in a transnational world 2021-06-16
  • Corpora, Constructions, New Englishes 2021-06-15
    This book takes an integrated approach to the fields of Corpus Linguistics, Construction Grammar, and World Englishes through a thorough constructional and corpus-based examination of the patterning of the versatile high-frequency verb make in British English and New Englishes. It contributes to Construction Grammar theory by adopting a verb-based, rather than construction-based, perspective on argument […]
  • Lost in Change 2021-06-15
    While research on language change has formulated robust empirical generalisations about processes and motivations underlying the emergence and spread of linguistic elements, their decline and loss is less well understood. So far a systematic investigation into the processes and motivations of decline and loss in language change is lacking. This book is a first step […]
  • Negation, Expectation and Ideology in Written Texts 2021-06-15
    During an election campaign in 2008, Ken Livingstone said to a newspaper reporter “this election is not a joke”. By doing so, he introduced an expectation into the discourse that someone does, in fact, think it is a joke. This book explores how it is that saying what is not the case communicates something about […]