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  • Language in Place 2021-04-15
    The contributions in this collection offer a wide range of stylistic perspectives on landscape, place and environment, by focusing on a variety of text-types ranging from poetry, the Bible, fictional and non-fictional prose, to newspaper articles, condo names, online texts and exhibitions. Employing both established and cutting-edge methodologies from, among others, corpus linguistics, metaphor studies, […]
  • Landscapes of Realism 2021-04-15
    Few literary phenomena are as elusive and yet as persistent as realism. While it responds to the perennial impulse to use literature to reflect on experience, it also designates a specific set of literary and artistic practices that emerged in response to Western modernity. Landscapes of Realism is a two-volume collaborative interdisciplinary exploration of this […]
  • Discourse Studies in Public Communication 2021-04-15
    The collection of articles in Discourse Studies in Public Communication illustrates that public communication is a fascinating, evidence-based storehouse for research in discourse analysis. The contributions to this volume — in the spheres of political rhetoric, gender and sexuality, and corporate and academic communication — provide good evidence of contemporary social structure, social phenomena, and […]
  • An Argumentative Analysis of the Emergence of <i>Issues</i> in Adult-Children Discussions 2021-04-15
    This book traces the issue in argumentative discussions from its emergence to its evolution. The book makes use of naturally occurred data of spoken argumentation to investigate how an issue is raised and possibly negotiated in argumentative discussions between young children (aged 2 to 6 years) and adults. The author proposes a typology of the […]
  • Sketching a motivational landscape 2021-04-08
    Abstract Studies of motivation in bilingual education settings often address questions of differences between learners in bilingual programmes and those in mainstream education. Problematic in this respect is our increasing awareness of the inherent differences between these two learner groups, as learners in bilingual programmes have often chosen or been selected for a bilingual route […]
  • Foreign language motivation in primary education students 2021-04-08
    Abstract This article explores the effects of the type of instruction (Content and language integrated learning, CLIL, vs. non-CLIL) and gender upon foreign language motivation in Primary Education learners in northern Spain. A total of 252 students with ages ranging from 9–12 completed a questionnaire measuring different motivation components. Results showed that CLIL students seem […]
  • From dynamic modal to conditional protasis connective 2021-04-07
    Abstract The grammaticalization literature has not demonstrated convincingly how, if at all, dynamic modals may develop into conditional protasis connectives. Drawing on qualitative and quantitative evidence from Chinese, this paper hypothesizes that such a directionality may arise through univerbation between dynamic modals and protasis connectives (e.g. ruò ‘if’ + néng ‘be able to’ > ruònéng […]
  • Context in Systemic Functional Linguistics 2021-04-07
  • Context of situation and the role of language 2021-04-07
    Abstract ‘Role’ is typically defined according to the part and/or function that something or someone contributes to a situation. This two-fold perspective is also inherent in discussions of the role of language: the ‘amount’ of language that is involved in a situation and the ‘function’ of language in a situation, with both perspectives relating to […]
  • Modelling interfaces with context in SFL 2021-04-07
    Abstract This is a study of the tools for describing language-in-context in Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), and specifically, the way in which dynamic time can be added to this description. Of central importance in this exploration are the concepts of stratification and instantiation and their interaction, and the way in which this interaction is ‘achieved’ […]
  • Another turn of the screw on the history of the reaction object construction 2021-04-07
    Abstract This article deals with the Reaction Object Construction (ROC), as in She smiled disbelief, where an intransitive verb (smile), by adding an emotional object (disbelief), acquires the extended sense “express X by V−ing” (i.e. “She expressed disbelief by smiling”). Earlier research has suggested a diachronic connection between the ROC and Direct Discourse Constructions (DDCs) […]
  • An ablative for the Greeks? 2021-04-07
    Summary In this article, I discuss a grammar dispute that took place between Philipp Nicodemus Frischlin and Martin Crusius in Tübingen in the winter of 1585/1586. I argue that their diverging views on the ablative case reflect a disagreement on two levels, in addition to their obvious personal rivalry: (1) the foundations of grammar, which […]
  • Concordance line sorting in The Prime Machine 2021-04-07
    Abstract Corpus data provide evidence of the patterning of language, and one way word usage can be analysed is through the study of concordance lines. While popular concordancers provide different sorting methods, they are typically only able to display lines in the order in which they occur in the corpus, randomly, or alphabetically by words […]
  • El mundo del trabajo en los libros de texto de ELE 2021-04-06
    Abstracto Este artículo adopta una perspectiva política y económica para explorar la evolución de las representaciones del mundo laboral en los libros de texto del español como lengua extranjera (ELE) desde mediados de los setenta hasta la actualidad. Utilizando el marco teórico del análisis crítico del discurso, examinamos históricamente el contenido laboral en libros de […]
  • Language choice among Chinese-Indonesian children in Palembang City 2021-04-06
    Abstract This study examines the language choices among four- to six-year old Chinese-Indonesian children in various social domains to identify patterns of choice and analyze sociocultural factors that significantly affect their language choices. The results show that Chinese-Indonesian children’s language choice is highly patterned based on the type of social domains and interlocutors. Their choices […]
  • Persuasive language and features of formality on the r/ChangeMyView subreddit 2021-04-06
    Abstract The paper investigates formal language in persuasive discourse on the r/ChangeMyView subreddit. We collected a corpus of 100 million messages, split into subcorpora based on the user-awarded marker delta, which rewards changing an original poster’s view. Assuming that formality/informality is potentially an important factor in the persuasiveness of a message, we examine the two […]
  • Acquiring the core-peripheral distinction in split intransitivity 2021-04-06
    Abstract This study presents the results of an experimental investigation into the L2 acquisition of the core-peripheral distinction in the syntax of split intransitivity by L1 Mandarin EFL learners to verify whether or not their L2 acquisition is lexically constrained by the Split Intransitivity Hierarchy, which predicts that core verbs have primacy in both L1 […]
  • Legal meta-comments in the think-aloud protocols of legal translators and lawyers 2021-04-06
    Abstract In order to ensure successful subprocesses within the overall legal translation process, a correct and comprehensive understanding of the source text is crucial. Legal translators must be able to grasp all the legal, linguistic, communicative, and situational dimensions of the text. The focus of this study is on the cognitive processes involved in the […]
  • Review of Hatim (2020): Communication across cultures: The linguistics of texts in translation 2021-04-06
  • Review of Biber & Conrad (2019): Register, genre, and style (2nd ed.) 2021-04-02