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<meta name='twitter:title' content='WebXR Samples'>
<meta name='twitter:description' content='Sample WebXR pages for testing and reference'>
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.github-link {
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.wordmark img {
width: 70%;
<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src=''></script>
<title>WebXR - Test Pages</title>
<div class='container' id='container'>
<header class='header'>
<div id='nav'>
<a href='../'>Samples</a>
<a href='../layers-samples/'>Layers Samples</a>
<a href='../proposals/'>Proposals</a>
<a href='./' class='selected'>Test Pages</a>
<a href='../report/'>Report</a>
<a href='' class='wordmark'>
<img src='../media/logo/webxr-logo.svg' alt='WebXR Logo'/>
<h2 class='tagline'>Test Pages</h2>
<main class='main' id='main'>
<p>These pages are useful for testing various aspects of WebXR
implementations, but aren't as well commented or straightforward as
the sample pages.<br/>
let pages = [
{ title: 'Cube Sea', category: 'Cube Sea',
path: 'cube-sea.html',
description: 'All hail the cube sea! Not very interesting to look at, but it\'s fantastic for testing!' },
{ title: 'Pointer Painter', category: 'Input',
path: 'pointer-painter.html',
description: 'Leaves behind a trail of pointers and cursors on select events.' },
{ title: 'User Agent Prompts', category: 'User Agent Behavior',
path: 'permission-request.html',
description: 'Tests various prompts (PWA install, permission requests, notifications) from within XR.' },
{ title: 'Offscreen Canvas', category: 'Alternate WebGL Modes',
path: 'offscreen-canvas.html',
description: 'Tests use of an OffscreenCanvas with XR.' },
{ title: 'Sponza', category: 'Lots-o-Polys',
path: 'sponza.html',
description: 'Loads a larger scene than other samples for performance testing. (Warning: Can be slow on mobile devices!)' },
{ title: 'Composed Views', category: 'We Like Matrix Math',
path: 'composed-views.html',
description: 'Tests a scenario where views are composed from a combination of viewer and local-floor space.' },
{ title: 'Reference Space Invert', category: 'We Hate Matrix Math',
path: 'ref-space-invert.html',
description: 'Tests creating an offset reference space with the viewer pose, which should cancel out the pose and report the viewer at the origin.' },
{ title: 'Interrupted AR', category: 'Exceptions!',
path: 'interrupted-ar.html',
description: 'Tests what happens when an exception is thrown in promise resolve of an `immersive-ar` session request.' },
{ title: 'Sparse Frames', category: 'M_ss_ng Fr_m_s',
path: 'sparse-frames.html',
description: 'Tests what happens the framebuffer is not populated every frame.' },
{ title: 'WebGL 2.0 Multisampling', category: 'Artisinally crafted pixels',
path: 'webgl2-multisample.html',
description: 'Tests that multisample renderbuffers are usable with XRWebGLLayer.' },
let mainElement = document.getElementById("main");
// Append an element for every item in the pages list.
for (var i = 0; i < pages.length; ++i) {
var page = pages[i];
let article = document.createElement('article');
let title = document.createElement('h3');
title.setAttribute('data-index', i + 1);
let titleLink = document.createElement('a');
titleLink.href = page.path;
titleLink.textContent = page.title;
let category = document.createElement('h4');
category.textContent = page.category;
let description = document.createElement('p');
description.textContent = page.description;
let links = document.createElement('div');
let sourceLink = document.createElement('a');
sourceLink.href = '' + page.path;
sourceLink.textContent = 'Source';
if (!page.noPolyfill) {
let polyfillLink = document.createElement('a');
polyfillLink.href = page.path + '?usePolyfill=0';
polyfillLink.textContent = 'Run Without Polyfill';
<h3><a class='github-link' href=''>View source on GitHub</a></h3>
<footer class='footer'>