English Grammar: 100 Tragically Common Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Sean Williams

Language: English

Publisher: ZEPHYROS Press

Published: Jul 2, 2019


The practical English grammar guide for perfect writing. Gone are the days when you worry about embarrassing yourself with pesky misplaced modifiers or dreaded double negatives. Next time you have a nagging grammar question, pick up this practical guide and write with clarity and confidence. English Grammar spares you the lessons and cuts right to the answers. Designed for fast reference, this book makes it easy to avoid the most cringe-worthy mistakes in the English language--and maybe even make your grade school grammar teacher proud. Inside English Grammar: English Grammar goofs--Avoid falling into the most common traps with guidelines for incomplete sentences, possessive pronouns with gerunds, dangling modifiers and more. Word mix-ups--Learn the difference between common word misuses like sex vs. gender, its and it's, whose and who's, the list goes on... Write with style--Make a good (and grammatically correct) impression with every sentence you pen using these easy writing hacks and suggestions. Everyone makes mistakes--but with this English grammar guide you'll make a lot fewer of them. Period.