The Power of Character Strengths: Appreciate and Ignite Your Positive Personality

Ryan M. Niemiec & Robert McGrath

Language: English

Published: Feb 27, 2019


Carry this book in your back pocket. Let it become your faithful friend that nudges you, at every point in your journey, to unlock your potential. No matter where you are in life—searching for happiness, working toward a goal, longing for a better relationship, or feeling content and settled—focusing on your character strengths adds a whole new dimension. Recent research shows that when you understand and activate your positive personality traits, you become more resilient, manage stress better, and find greater fulllment in life. In The Power of Character Strengths: Appreciate and Ignite Your Positive Personality, you’ll be expertly guided by leading authorities through your 24 strengths. You’ll soon see all the ways these strengths are your best-kept secret for boosting your well-being. Discover how to appreciate what’s best in you and champion strengths in the people you care about most. As a bonus, you’ll practice putting your strengths into action with Strengths Builder, an easy-to-learn, four-step, research-backed program. Your adventure lies ahead, and The Power of Character Strengths is your must-have resource for building your best life!


Finally, Ryan Niemiec and Bob McGrath--who have been on the frontlines of our understanding of how to nurture the best within us--wrote this much-needed book! This is the most scientifically valid and useful book on character strengths to date. The focus on 24 character strengths is highly accessible and of benefit for anyone--young, old, professional, self-employed, unemployed, student, or military--who wants to better understand their potential and learn concrete strategies to bring out the best in themselves and others.--Scott Barry Kaufman, Ph.D., Author of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined and Co-Author of Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind

Living by our signature strengths is the only way to live, and this book contains everything one could need to do just that.--Dr. Roger Bretherton, Principal Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Lincoln (UK)

Did you know you have a way within you to discover all that is good and right about yourself? It is mind-expanding and life enhancing! After you discover your strengths with the VIA Survey, use this book as the framework for a fun, doable, and mind-blowing recipe for how you can begin to shine a positivity light on your life right now! --Judy Krings, coach and psychologist

Drs. Niemiec and McGrath, the preeminent scholars and practitioners of character strengths development, have helped me deeply understand and deploy my signature strengths of love of learning, curiosity and zest, enabling me to thrive in both my professional and home life. I strongly recommend their exceptional new book--The Power of Character Strengths. This magnificent guide sparkles with essential knowledge and practical tips, plus the included four-step Strengths Builder program will definitely boost your career success, happiness and life satisfaction. --Jeffrey E. Auerbach, Ph.D., President, College of Executive Coaching; Co-Author of Positive Psychology in Coaching

Here is a book that can change your life like it did mine. --Kristen Carter, Positive Psychology Coach and Writer